2 min read

Claiming deductions for working from home

In response to COVID-19 causing a large shift to the number of employees working from home the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) introduced a shortcut method for claiming additional.....

6 min read

Release of payroll tax amnesty for GP's

The Queensland Revenue Office released their public ruling on the 22nd of December regarding payroll tax on medical centres in light of the recent Victoria and NSW cases. The rulin.....

3 min read

ATO's continued enforcement of tax avoidance provision

Right on the heels of the recent Guardian court appeal where the commissioner succeeded in applying the anti-avoidance provisions in Part IVA, the Australian Taxation Office has re.....

4 min read

Respect at work - Prohibition is set to ‘cure the cause not the effect!’

Changes to workplace sexual harassment laws. Prohibition is set to ‘cure the cause not the effect!’

3 min read

Respect at work - Stop bullying claim rejected

Respect at work – Fair Work Commissioner rejects Stop-Bullying claim. Common sense prevails. 

3 min read

Where there is a Will, there is a relative.

Estate planning is more than just having a Will, it is about protecting your wealth and your family. A well thought out estate plan, transitions the right funds into the right hand.....

4 min read

What to consider as you or your family age

Often clients take a lot of time and effort to consider what they want to have occur in the event that they pass away. Their estate plans may be elaborate and designed to protect b.....

4 min read

What is included in my estate & what isn’t?

When preparing a Will many people mistakenly believe that everything that they own, or have an interest in, will automatically be covered and the estate distribution process will b.....

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Scam Awareness Week 2022 - Is it a scam?

Naturally, people aspire to get the most out of their investments, especially if a great opportunity is presented by a ‘trusted’ organisation. However, investment scams occur more .....