Founded in 1926, Ulton is one of Queensland’s largest business advisory, chartered accounting, and wealth management practices.

For decades, Ulton worked closely with clients from Queensland’s building and construction industry – from independent subcontractors up north, to large-scale building contractors down south, and everyone in between. 

With collective building industry knowledge spanning decades, the Ulton team are the finance and business advisors who understand the sector better than most.

Ask any Ulton advisor what the biggest challenge facing the construction industry is right now, and they’ll tell you plain and simple – it’s cashflow.

Natalie Macdonald, Ulton Business Services Partner, says that cashflow is the main problem for contractors and business owners in the industry.

“This is due to compounding factors, such as rising material and personnel costs, ongoing delays, and the water-and-oil nature of climbing supply costs and fixed-price contracts,” says Natalie.

“On top of this, builders need high working capital levels to meet QBCC requirements. Other industries aren’t required to meet the same level of working capital requirements, so builders really are under a lot of pressure. 

Cashflow may seem like a big problem with no simple solution, but the team at Ulton have a fine-tuned understanding of the building industry’s nuances.

Their depth of knowledge on everything from job costing, to QBCC guidelines, to reporting and regulations means the Ulton team knows the right questions to ask.

And by asking the right questions – questions that lead to new insights about how money flows through your business, and where it isn’t being maximised – solving the big problem of cashflow becomes a whole lot easier.  

The Ulton team works alongside you to uncover business insights, tailor financial strategies based on these insights, and empower you with practical solutions you can take forward into the future.

Here’s how Ulton can help:

  • Ensuring reporting and licensing obligations are fulfilled
  • Preparing and producing management reports
  • Budgeting and job costing
  • Overseeing compliance activities

To learn more about how Ulton can help your business thrive through uncertain times, reach out to our Ulton Advisory team.

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