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What is included in my estate & what isn’t?

When preparing a Will many people mistakenly believe that everything that they own, or have an interest in, will automatically be covered and the estate distribution process will b.....

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Investment Bonds – the best gift for a grandchild!

When you have a new grandchild, you naturally think about their future. If you want to provide a financial head start for your grandchildren, then an Investment Bond is the ideal v.....

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New Year - New Superannuation Rules

There is a raft of super changes that have come into effect from 1 July 2021. The start of a new financial year is always a great time to review your superannuation strategy. To as.....

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Millennials, Women and SMSF's 'Taking control of their super' Q&A with Kylie Wright

Recently, Ulton Wealth Management Partner Kylie Wright spoke to The Australian Financial Review's (AFR) journalist, Jonathan Porter about the importance of younger people (under 45.....

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What can I expect from my financial advisor?

What can I expect from my financial advisor?

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Photo ID Cards: Essential for Older Australians

At Ulton, we often see clients who are ageing and beginning to have physical frailty or mental incapacity. It's essential that these clients understand the seriousness of retaining.....

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Why use a Financial Adviser at Ulton Wealth Management?

Because we transform and improve people’s lives. For most of our clients there’s a clear difference between their financial life before Ulton to the life they achieve and live whil.....

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Take Action to Help Improve Your Financial Position

Take action / Provide Certainty Studies in Behavioural Finance show that only 20% of people are actually ready to take concrete action to improve their financial position.  Part of.....

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Proposed policy to stop SMSF's from receiving tax refunds for franking credits

You may have noticed significant media coverage recently regarding the Australian Labor Party’s proposed policy to stop SMSFs from receiving tax refunds for the franking credits th.....