Reporting and Business Insights

Ulton’s insight services are helpful if you:
  • Make decisions on 'gut feel', rather than sound data.
  • Have difficulties understanding why your business is not performing to its potential.
  • Want to be more efficient.
  • Are running out of cash to fund or grow your business.
  • Want to bring your data to life by turning it into actionable visual stories.
  • Want to identify trends, investigate irregularities and unlock opportunities.
  • Don’t know how to go about setting targets for your business.
  • Need someone to keep you accountable so you can achieve your financial goals.

Providing clients with valuable business intelligence, that allows them to turn raw data into insights and actions

Putting the right analytical tools and techniques in place can lead to improved business outcomes. Financial reporting and analytical dashboard tools are valuable sources of business information as they aid decision-makers to make informed decisions that affect the direction of a business. Armed with this information, business owners can make critical business decisions with more certainty to maximise their chances of success.

How We Can Help

Budget and target setting

Budget and Target Setting

Setting budgets and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) targets is an important technique that business leaders use to model, plan and control their business success. We can help you develop a budget, control your finances, fund your current commitments, and measure your actual performance against your strategic long-term goals.

Performance reporting

Performance Reporting

We keep you accountable to the business's financial goals and targets by regularly reviewing progress and discussing results. All too often we see reports being underutilised because people don't understand the story the reports are telling.  We can explain and educate you on what it all means, so you can make better decisions and keep things on track.

Analytical dashboards

Analytical Dashboards

We transform business data into customised and easy-to-understand dashboards and interactive reports with all the critical information you need. Dashboards can consolidate all your data across your business to help you identify trends and unlock opportunities so you can make better business management decisions.

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“Working with Ulton has given us the confidence to implement new tools and other digital platforms to help us maintain our leadership in the marketplace. Having someone we can trust, to help us manage the implementation process and also assist with the change management process within our team was incredibly valuable. With better insights into the business, we can make better business decisions. ”

Anthony Joseph, Managing Director, Alfred E Chave

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