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For what matters

Whether it's to build an empire or to leave a legacy, our Wealth Managers bring specialised industry knowledge to help maximise your business success and achieve your lifestyle goals. Because when you're too busy in the day to day, our team will make sure you can still turn your intentions into achievement.

Tailored support for you

Our financial planners have in-depth industry experience helping time poor and ambitious farmers, business owners and medical and health professionals with their financial matters, so that they can get back to doing what they do best. Our tailored financial services are designed to empower these ambitious individuals, allowing them to navigate and optimise their financial matters with ease.

Our services

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Concierge service

Because we understand how busy our clients are with growing their businesses, medical facilities, and farming enterprises, we have developed a concierge service. As holders of your financial records, our dedicated team alleviates your burdens, allowing you more time for priorities. Our concierge service is not advice but a service to simplify and organise your financial life efficiently.

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Financial Advice

We take a holistic approach to financial advice. We invest time in understanding your 'why' and aspirations, genuinely caring about your financial future, and guiding you to achieve the lifestyle you desire. We believe it is our duty to educate you on your options and help you to understand the strategies underpinning your financial future, giving you confidence and ultimately, control over your financial future.

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Succession Planning

Many business owners inquire about effectively transferring control to the next generation. The crucial question is, how to accumulate off-business assets for a comfortable retirement while seamlessly transitioning the business. Relying solely on the business as a retirement fund may be risky, given the unpredictable market. We assist in striking the right balance, ensuring current business viability while building assets for comprehensive succession planning.

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Are you holding your wealth in the correct structure? We will review this for you, and make sure that your investment vehicle is working for you. We will work with you to determine your risk tolerance and ensure that you understand what this means. We will then make sure that your investments are invested in a manner that fit your objectives, goals and risk tolerance.

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Superannuation and SMSF's 

Superannuation is pivotal to retirement planning, yet it often lacks due attention. Multiple accounts, unnecessary insurances, and underperforming investments can erode long-term wealth. Super should not be a "set and forget" asset. Whether you're accumulating or in retirement, we guide you in understanding diverse super investment options, ensuring alignment with your financial goals.

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Retirement planning 

The reward for all your hard work is a wealthy retirement.

We are often asked – can we afford to retire? Everyone is different, and our wealth retirement service aims to ensure that you are on track to retire the way that you want to.

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Estate Planning

Crafting your personal estate protection plan is like creating a "blueprint" for your estate goals. Beyond just a Will, it's crucial when overseeing businesses, trusts, or self-managed super funds. A well thought out estate protection plan, transitions the right funds into the right hands, at the right time if you were to pass away. We specialise in navigating complex structures, ensuring your estate documents align with your wishes.

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Insurance advice and claims

Our wealth managers tailor insurance coverage by considering your personal needs, occupation, and medical history. We guide you through the insurance process, ensuring clarity from the start. We take the time to analyse and recommend the best policy for you. In times of need, our commitment extends to provide a seamless and stress-free claims management service, ensuring support throughout the entire process. 

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Aged care advice

When clients need to consider aged care, there’s already a range of emotions playing out. We simplify the numbers, options and paperwork for you, so you can make the best decision in tough circumstances. 

Client stories


From the illusion of ownership to seizing control.

Ted and Mary operated a large, small crops farm and wanted Ulton Wealth to review their SMSF.  We thoroughly reviewed their structure and Wills and made a shocking discovery. Ted didn’t own his own farm!

Five years previously, Ted had paid his brother out to take over the family farm. However, when we investigated, we discovered that the farm was actually owned via a Family Trust which was controlled by Ted’s elderly Mother. Her Will passed control of the Trust equally to Ted and his brother. Ted was horrified as he had already paid his brother out.

We then worked closely with Ted’s solicitor to ensure Ted got control of the Trust now, so that he controlled his own destiny. Ted and Mary were extremely thankful that we had thoroughly investigated their circumstances before starting with the SMSF advice.



Business Owners

From ‘dead money’ to real assets.

Andrew and Sue were stressed out running their own manufacturing business. In passing (in our first meeting), they mentioned that they were renting their business premises and hoping to expand their operations in the premises, which meant that were paying to add value to their landlord’s property. In addition, they had focused on paying everyone else first, so their super balances were lower than average for their age.

We came up with a strategy over 3 years to maximise super contributions, before rolling their various super into a new SMSF.  We then had the SMSF enter into a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) to purchase their business premises from their landlord. Their super contributions and rent paid the loan off in 4 years! The surplus SMSF income was then used to build up a blue chip share portfolio.

Seeing their hard work paying tangible dividends made all the difference to Andrew and Sue’s outlook on the business and their commitment to it. 15 years later, they are now looking at pre-retirement planning and are in excellent shape thanks to the decisions we made and implemented for them.


From going nowhere fast, to life is sweet.

Julia and Ben were busy medical professionals, working very long hours with a young family at home.  They were earning significant incomes but paying a lot of tax and getting nowhere. They had a handwritten Will covered in red wine stains and they weren’t sure of their actual asset position. Ben said, “I don’t know what I want, but it’s not this”.

We collaborated with Ulton Insights to restructure the business and staff, enabling Ben to work 4.5 days a week with all school holidays off while maintaining the same income. We presented a comprehensive plan which identified and leveraged surplus cashflow to turn the medical income into off practice wealth. Additionally, we organised estate plans and implemented insurance policies.

10 years later the clients have accumulated $20M in net assets (outside of their home) and have complete peace of mind in knowing that we are actively dealing with their finances and investments. The family unit is strong as they spend lots of qualify time together and have been able to provide their children with many travel experiences. They have peace of mind in knowing that if the worst happens, their family will be looked after as their estate plan is robust and specific.  Life is sweet.


Our team

We know we deliver amazing results as individuals, but when we come together, we are unstoppable. When you engage with Ulton Wealth, you get an entire team on your side. With our team approach, you don't just get a dedicated Advisor and Client Services Officer, you get the services of our full team who understand your position and can be of assistance to you. We pride ourselves on providing a direct, honest and personal service.


  • "We've been with Ulton for 30 years, and for the past 5 years, Jes Wilkinson has been our go-to person. Jes is pleasant, approachable, and exceptionally helpful. Her advanced financial expertise and high education status are highly regarded. We highly recommend Jes."
    Arnold and Linda Heidrich
  • "When we sold our business in 2004, we chose Ulton for expert guidance after a disappointing experience with a previous advisor. Ulton has provided invaluable support, particularly after my husband's passing in 2011. Kylie Wright and Sharon Barrera have been professional, friendly, and helpful. Ulton has secured my financial future, and their integrity is unquestionable. I highly recommend Ulton Wealth Management for their trustworthy, helpful, and responsive service."
    J.S., a very happy client
  • "Throughout our partnership with Kylie Wright and the Ulton Wealth Management team, we've experienced exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to a fair 'Fee for Service' approach. They provide comprehensive services, from investments to estate planning, and recently assisted us in streamlining our portfolio due to my health."
    Peter Grant
  • "I was introduced to Ulton Wealth through my good friend, Mark McLean, who is the Managing Partner at Ulton. From the moment I met the Wealth Management team, particularly Kylie Wright, I knew my finances were in capable hands. Thanks to Ulton Wealth, my finances are not only well-managed but also productive.The thing I most enjoy about working with Ulton is my interaction with Kylie. She is astute and truly understands my portfolio. Kylie listens to my needs and communicates effectively, ensuring I always have a clear understanding of my financial matters. I am incredibly grateful to the team for 'helping me keep my head above water.'I have no hesitation in recommending Ulton Wealth to anyone seeking top-notch wealth management services."
    R.S, Tugun
  • "Jessica Wilkinson has been my financial adviser for approximately eight years. I am very comfortable with Jes as I feel she gives the most appropriate financial advice to suit my situation.Every meeting is on time and well structured, setting out my financial affairs clearly. Jes answers my questions in a way that I understand. Jes has the qualifications, knowledge and experience to advise me on financial matters to give me the best financial outcome.For anyone seeking a financial adviser, I would thoroughly recommend Jessica as a qualified person of integrity in financial planning and advice."
    SW, Bundaberg

How can we help you?

We achieve the best results for our clients when we work together for the long term. Our fees start from $5,800 per annum to ensure that we continue to provide great results for our clients.

Reach out to Ulton’s specialist Wealth Management team today!

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