Business Valuations

  • Are you considering buying or selling a business?
  • Are you going through a divorce?
  • Have taxation requirements requiring a business valuation?
  • Do you have a new shareholder or business partner coming on board?
  • Are you merging with another entity?
  • Are you planning for retirement?
  • Need to claim against a business disruption?
  • Are you considering a change of ownership as part of your succession planning?

Navigate professional and personal matters with an accurate and up-to-date business valuation from our experts.

Whether the cause is a personal development, a professional move or a dispute at any level, it pays to have a meticulous business valuation performed by forensic accounting experts. The experienced, ethical and committed Ulton Business Valuation team analyses and interprets companies’ financial data in minute detail, ensuring the resulting reports are accurate and staying in close and helpful communication with clients. This valuation — presented in accessible and easy-to-interpret form — is an essential piece of the puzzle to make sure clients get what they deserve out of a business deal or settlement,


How We Can Help

Family law or estate matters

When dealing with a division of property as part of a family law matter — ranging from matrimonial disputes and divorce proceedings to the creation of a will as part of estate planning — it's essential to ascertain the accurate and current value of an organisation and all of its related assets. Accuracy and effectiveness at these early stages can prevent disputes or disruptions from arising later, and can make sure clients' decisions hold up in court.

Sale or merger of a business

Mergers and acquisitions, as well as the outright sale of a company, call for a high level of due diligence. All parties must be aware of the exact value of all organisations and assets involved in the transaction, as this will be an important part of negotiations as well as the taxation of the entities. Understanding the consequences of various merger and acquisition scenarios is only possible with a detailed look at the financial status of the businesses involved, so a valuation helps owners make optimal decisions.

Partner disputes

Disagreements and litigation between business partners, whether settled in or out of court, requires a clear view of all the financial stakes involved. Whether the matter at hand is a potential breach of contract, suspicion of fraud or any other rift between the partners, an accurate comprehensive and up-to-date business valuation will help the matter get resolved in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

Retirement planning

When planning for retirement, clients need to understand the exact value of all their assets, including their stake in organisations. Ulton's personal wealth management and business services converge to ensure retirement plans take every asset, individual and professional, into account. Capable retirement planning as a part of an overall wealth management strategy overseen by our experts is a pathway to comfort and financial freedom after leaving the business sphere.

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Bernard Whebell


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“Our practice recently employed Ulton's Forensic Accountant, Bernard Whebell to complete a Business Valuation for an SME business in a matrimonial dispute on behalf of one of our clients. Not only did Bernard demonstrate an incredible attention to detail in his analysis and interpretation of the financial information, but he was able to identify keys issues, all of which were ultimately communicated in a clear, concise and easy to understand report. At all times throughout his engagement, Bernard acted in a professional and ethical manner readily making himself available whenever required to clarify any points of interest that arose in the process. ”

Selena Cartwright,

Senior Associated and Nationally Accredited Mediator, James & Co Lawyers

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