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Ulton’s experienced forensic accounting team can help if you:
  • Need a financial expert witness
  • Need transactions reconstructed
  • Need to undertake financial investigations
  • Need a business valuation

Make sure litigation is resolved equitably with insights from our expert team

Ascertaining the truth of a financial transaction or delving into the detailed history of an account can provide the information needed to emerge victorious from a court case or a legal challenge. The importance of forensic accounting matters applies to both private and business litigation. Clear and precise valuation of assets and reconstruction of transactions helps settle family law cases, disputes between business partners, contract entitlement matters and more. Our conscientious, experienced and communicative team can support clients during all of these processes, helping them achieve satisfying and equitable resolutions to their cases.

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Family law

Family law

Family law matters, such as marital disputes, divorce proceedings and other litigation between relatives, can hinge on the value of personal and professional assets. When there is disagreement or opacity in these matters, a financial accountant can provide a reconstruction or valuation that gets to the hidden details behind the numbers. 

Estate matters

Estate matters

Forensic accountants can make a positive difference at several points of the estate planning process. These experts can perform valuations of personal assets and businesses when clients are drawing up their wills and planning the distribution of their property, ensuring the figures hold up under scrutiny and future legal challenges. At the other end of the process, a forensic accountant can serve as an expert witness when contesting or disputing a will or attempting to determine where the assets in an estate reside.

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation

During a contract or business disputes, an accurate recounting of financial details, including those that may be difficult to discern at first, can be essential to the resolution of the matter. This could include matters of employment law, commercial loss and damage assessments, disagreements between business partners, fraud investigations and more. Wherever there may be inconsistencies or disputed figures, expert forensic accountants can ascertain the truth of the matter.

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Bernard Whebell

Audit and Forensics Partner

Bernard’s forensics expertise has been gained from over 20 years of practical audit and forensic accounting experience. Bernard is recognised as a Business Valuation (BV) Specialist with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.


“Our practice recently employed Ulton's Forensic Accountant, Bernard Whebell to complete a Business Valuation for an SME business in a matrimonial dispute on behalf of one of our clients. Not only did Bernard demonstrate an incredible attention to detail in his analysis and interpretation of the financial information, but he was able to identify keys issues, all of which were ultimately communicated in a clear, concise and easy to understand report. At all times throughout his engagement, Bernard acted in a professional and ethical manner readily making himself available whenever required to clarify any points of interest that arose in the process. ”

Selena Cartwright, Senior Associated and Nationally Accredited Mediator, James & Co Lawyers

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