9 min read

Time to review your awards: What to look for

The Fair Work Act and other legislation impacting employer / employee relationships can be extremely complex to navigate, especially if you are a smaller organisation and don't hav.....

8 min read

Underpaying or overpaying employees? How do you know?

When the economy is going well, companies need to be more aware of whether they are over- or underpaying their workers. Overpaying workers has a clear negative impact on your botto.....

9 min read

How to build an employee incentive program that works

Having an experienced, knowledgeable employee leave your company - for any reason - can be an expensive event. It may cost thousands of dollars or more to conduct an appropriately .....

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Genuine redundancies: Steps to ensure it's not an unfair dismissal

Terminating someone's employment is never an easy decision, but there are circumstances in which it's the only path that makes sense. An excellent employee may no longer fit your o.....

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What's the right method when calculating overtime for casual employees?

Employer Alert — Are you applying the right method when calculating overtime for your casual employees? There is often some debate about what method should be used to calculate ove.....

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Employer Alert - Could underpaying of wages be 'stealing'?

Could underpayment of wages be ‘stealing’?                                              

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High Court decision…personal/carer’s leave calculated on ‘hours’ of work, not ‘days’.

Good news for employers - common sense prevails The High Court has ruled that the method of accruing and taking paid personal/carer’s leave under the National Employment Standards,.....

18 min read

Attention Employers: JobKeeper Scheme and changes to the Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Act (FW Act) was amended just before Easter (9 April 2020) to support the Jobkeeper scheme. 

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Do you pay your employees an annualised salary?

What do employers need to know? Underpayment of wages, headlined ‘Wage Theft’ in the media, is receiving a great deal of attention. George Calombaris, Woolworths and Coles have und.....