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Respect at Work - Prepare for the changes to the law

Respect at work - unlawful sex discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation

4 min read

Respect at work – Sexual harassment

No leniency for a small business that failed to provide training for its employees

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Retain and attract new talent

Could you pay your employees with ‘more time’ ?

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Is Absenteeism affecting productivity? Or is it Presenteeism? Could it be both?

Are you experiencing a high level of absenteeism in your business? Employees taking leave due to COVID, Flu, their mental health?

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Reasonable additional hours. What is considered reasonable?

With our low unemployment rate and a skills shortage, many businesses across the board are relying heavily on their existing employees to pick up the slack and work additional hour.....

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Why it is risky not having a written employment agreement

Why is a written employment agreement/contract necessary for employees covered by a modern award?

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Get ready for 1 July 2022 - changes in minimum wage rates and superannuation

The Fair Work Commission handed down its decision to increase minimum wages effective 1 July 2022 on 15 June 2022.

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Is the individual an employee or an independent contractor?

This question has plagued business for many years. Recent High Court decisions now provide clarification for business.

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Are your employees entitled to unpaid pandemic leave?

Schedule X – unpaid pandemic leave was provided for in 99 modern Awards in 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The expiry date of Schedule X has been extended to 30 June 20.....