Take action / Provide Certainty

Studies in Behavioural Finance show that only 20% of people are actually ready to take concrete action to improve their financial position.  Part of our job is to make you, one of the 20%.  We can then help deliver certainty that can help you improve your financial position.

For example in an in depth discussion with Jason* a few years ago we discovered that his goals were:

  1. Own a number of properties in both the country and the city so that he could be a "Tradie Landlord”
  2. He also wanted to purchase a future retirement home that was low maintenance, a quality build, in a major city, close to mountain biking trails and an airport. The house had to have a large shed so that he could continue his passion of doing up old cars.

Since then we had assisted him in becoming a ‘Tradie Landlord’, but he hadn’t yet purchased the dream home for future retirement.  A lot of hard work from both him and me had gone on along the way, in developing cashflow plans (me) and sticking to it (him).

In November last year we chatted again, and I said it was time for him to make his dreams a reality and purchase the dream home.  Jason is very time poor as he works in a FIFO role, so I referred him to a Buyer’s Agent to find the right property and a Mortgage Broker to finance the deal. Finding the right property was easy as I was able to give the Buyer’s Agent very specific details on what Jason was looking for.  Achieving the finance was also easy as we have all of Jason’s financial life on file.

By January Jason had the dream property and texted me to say"thanks for giving me a kick up the a**e!”  He is super happy with the outcomes we have achieved. 

We had done our job of getting Jason to join the 20% of people ready to take action and then streamlined the process for him.  We had the tough conversations with Jason and found out what outcomes he really wanted in life and then were able to deliver him certainty in his financial life.

We have partnered with Jason to be part of his success and to assist him in the delivery.

Want to join the 20% and achieve your financial and life goals? Chat to our experienced and trusted team of Wealth Managers to help you achieve your goals. Call us on (07) 4154 0425 or emailwealthmanagement@ulton.net.

*Not his real name, but the case study is real.

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