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The Christmas Party Rules Nov 21, 2018

Are you having a Christmas party?

In today’s world, responsibility for all work related events rests with the business owner. As a business owner, there is a real risk that you could be held vicariously liable for any of your employees who behave badly.

What steps have you put in place to ensure the health and safety of your staff and any other attendees? Our Workplace Party Checklist will help you mitigate your risk of hosting a staff Christmas party so you too can relax and enjoy knowing you have taken ‘reasonable steps’ to avoid the onset of a woeful hangover that may linger long after the Christmas party has ended.

Access to the lower Corporate tax rate: The new 'Passive Income Test'. Sep 6, 2018

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan Base Rate Entities) Bill 2018 received royal assent on the 31 August 2018. These new laws further restrict which companies will be able to apply the lower tax rate of 27.5%. 

The new laws, replace the carrying on a business test with a base rate entity passive income (BREPI) test. This will mean companies with mainly passive income will be ineligible for the lower rates of tax. A company will pass the BREPI test if no more than 80% of the entity’s assessable income for the year is BREPI.

Does this apply to your company?

Why SMEs should prioritise Workplace Health and Safety despite the obvious. What is the Incentive? Aug 15, 2018

The journey to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliance can be overwhelming for many SMEs.  It’s time consuming. It’s labour intensive. Unintentionally, it often ends up at the bottom of the list.  Despite the obvious, what’s the incentive to prioritise?

Why use a Financial Adviser at Ulton Wealth Management? Aug 7, 2018

Because we transform and improve people’s lives. For most of our clients there’s a clear difference between their financial life before Ulton to the life they achieve and live while partnering with Ulton.We help clients make lots of small changes that makes a big difference in their wealth, over the long-term.There are no short cuts to wealth and working with our Ulton Wealth Management Team we will get you there.

Is the time right to outsource HR and Payroll for your Business? Aug 1, 2018

We are one month into the new financial year already. As a business owner, you may be taking this time to review your business plan. Perhaps to reduce costs or to develop a strategy to achieve future growth? Now is the time to consider your HR resourcing requirements.

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