Is the time right to outsource HR and Payroll for your Business?

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Aug 1, 2018 | Posted in Business Advice, Human Resources Services
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We are one month into the new financial year already. As a business owner, you may be taking this time to review your business plan. Perhaps to reduce costs or to develop a strategy to achieve future growth?

HR and Payroll are necessary overheads, regardless of whether you (the business owner) do this yourself, or you have an employee(s) to perform these functions for you. Perhaps, now is the time to include outsourcing of your HR and Payroll functions in your 2018/2019 business plan? Outsourcing is a cost effective solution for your business. Here are some good reasons.

Outsource HR

Meeting legislative compliance is important for every business owner. Navigating Modern Awards and Fair Work legislation is often a complex laborious task.  Outsourcing HR will provide you with access to a qualified/experienced HR Consultant who has the expertise do this for you. Your HR Consultant will provide you with sound advice when you need it. Best practice policies and procedures will be tailored for your business to meet your HR and WHS obligations to mitigate your business risk. You will be confident your business is protected and your people are supported. This allows you to get on with business. Whatever that may be.

Although outsourcing HR will not rid you completely of all those ‘pesky’ staffing issues, it will save you time, money and assist you to manage your business risk.

Outsource Payroll

Paying your people correctly is something you don’t want to get wrong. Whether you pay minimum Award wage or salary arrangements. Mistakes made when calculating pay and leave entitlements is a sure recipe for unhappy people. It’s another cost to your business every time you get it wrong.

Outsourcing Payroll is a wise business decision. Your Payroll Consultant will relieve you from this fortnightly burden, pay your people correctly and, importantly, manage your risk of Payroll fraud.

So next time you look at your business plan, consider outsourcing HR and Payroll.

Ulton can manage your business HR and Payroll needs. We’re your experienced, reliable and highly efficient business solution. We will prove to be a valuable extension of your business. 

For further information on our HR and Payroll services contact Ulton on (07) 4154 0400.


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