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Protecting Wealth

Ulton’s trusted Wealth Management team can help if you:
  • Want to understand the different options available to you for protecting your wealth.
  • Want to ensure your wealth and lifestyle are protected in the event of a catastrophe.
  • Want confidence that the financial decisions you’re making will protect your wealth.
  • Want guidance navigating complex financial situations.

Full spectrum of wealth services uniquely tailored to your individual situation.

As you work hard to build up your wealth, you'll want to protect it. But unfortunately, that’s not always easy. We want to ensure that your wealth strategy and future lifestyle goals are not impacted if you were to suffer an unexpected medical or life event.

Ulton’s trusted Wealth Management team can help - we provide carefully considered advice on the most appropriate ways to protect you, your family, your business and your estate over your lifetime.


How We Can Help

Asset protection and personal insurance review

Asset protection and personal insurance review

Being correctly insured gives you peace of mind that your family are protected in the event of a catastrophe. We will conduct a full review of your policies and if required, make recommendations on income protection, trauma, life and total and permanent disability insurance. Whatever happens, you and your family will be protected against the uncertainties of life.


Business insurance review

Business expense insurance covers up to 100% of your fixed recurring business expenses like rent, utilities and non-income producing staff wages, if the insured cannot work because of sickness or injury.

Estate protection

Estate protection

Estate Planning is more than just having a Will, particularly where you may control a Business, Company, Family Trust or Self-Managed Super Fund. It is about protecting your wealth and your family. 

Protecting your business estate

Protecting your business estate

When we investigate our clients' business estate planning, we often find that while a Will has been done, there has been limited discussion and planning for important considerations, such as an exit strategy (or succession plan), a Corporate Will or a continuity of the business plan, that takes into account any risk management issues that may have not been addressed.

Licensed, fee for service wealth management firm

Licensed, fee for service wealth management firm

Ulton Wealth Services Pty Ltd is a self licensed wealth management firm, providing clients with strategic solution-based (not product-based) advice, transparent fees and improved choices. We are also an accredited risk advisor, which means Ulton’s advisors are able to match our client’s occupation and medical needs to the best available policies.

Reach out to Ulton’s specialist Wealth Management team today!

Kylie Wright

Wealth Management Partner - Sub ARN: 245052

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Paul Moloney

Wealth Manager - Sub ARN: 1003860

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Jes Wilkinson

Wealth Manager - Sub ARN: 378670

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