Year 10 and 11 student opportunities

Preparing Students for the Business World

Young people are preparing for a very different world from the one we know. This is why Ulton has partnered with Queensland Private Enterprise Centre (QPEC) to help build the business skills and interests of year 10 and 11 students. ECOMAN, a three-day workshop is run once a year from our Bundaberg office.

What Will You Do?

Students work in small teams to run their own business against different economic scenarios, all while competing against other schools. Students learn the basics of managing a ‘real’ business through the four phases of a business cycle.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Students make decisions about the demand for their product, production outputs, sales and marketing, environmental impacts, training and numbers of personnel, management of budgets, income and expenditure statements, dividends paid and borrowing.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Students gain insight into teamwork and group dynamics by taking on different management roles including Chief Executive Officer, Finance Director, HR Director, Production Director and Sales Director.

Real World Business Skills

At the end of the workshop, the Annual General Meeting is held where students make business presentations on their company’s success to Ulton representatives and other special guests.

“I loved the learning environment. There was no pressure and the facilitators were very approachable. I wish the workshop went for the whole week!”

St Luke's Student

“We loved everything about the program, especially the teamwork. Learning about the business industry – it all felt so real. It was an unforgettable experience.”

Bundaberg State High School Student

“The best aspects about ECOMAN was the strategic elements, the use of resources and the way we were treated.”

Kepnock State High School Student

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Ulton for facilitating ECOMAN. My daughter was attending with Shalom and she was thrilled with the program. It definitely helped to really cement in her mind she wants to pursue a career in Finance/Accounting. Keep up the good work, making these types of programs available to these guys is a great opportunity for them to get some real-life relevant experience”

Narelle Crook, Parent

“All of the students at Shalom felt that this was an amazing experience. They were made to feel very welcome, learnt valuable life experiences in industry. Many of them are looking forward to a future in Business/Finance and this program has made them more excited about pursuing this path”. 

Gail Norris and Megan Sheppard, Teachers

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