Wealthy Retirement

Ulton’s trusted Wealth Management team can help if you:
  • Want certainty that you can afford to retire when you want to.
  • Are preparing for retirement or have already started enjoying retirement.
  • Need help fleshing out and articulating your retirement goals.
  • Want to understand what options are available to help you achieve your retirement goals.
  • Want to ensure that your Estate documents are in order.
  • Want confidence that the financial decisions you’re making will lead to a wealthy retirement.

The reward for all your hard work is a wealthy retirement.

We are often asked – can we afford to retire? Everyone is different, and our wealth retirement service aims to ensure that you are on track to retire the way that you want to.


How We Can Help


Retirement financial health checks

Our team will conduct a full review of your retirement plans and finances to put you on track for a wealthy retirement.


Pre-retirement review

Clients within 5 years of retirement need to start seriously considering what their retirement will look like.  We prefer to start working with you well before retirement so that the eventual transition will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Pension planning

Pension planning

We’ll help you set up your retirement income streams, whilst ensuring you maximise any Centrelink entitlements. 


Estate planning

Our team has years of experience in estate planning, and will work directly with your solicitor to ensure your estate is paid to beneficiaries in the most secure and tax-effective manner possible. We’ll also make sure all Estate Documents (including Wills, Binding Death Benefit Nominations and Enduring Power of Attorney) are in place that reflect your wishes. We want to ensure the funds are paid in the right way to the right people at the right time.

Superannuation review

Superannuation review

Performing a superannuation review is an important step to ensure you structure your superannuation payments appropriately to give you the best chance of a wealthy retirement. 

Reach out to Ulton’s specialist Wealth Management team today!

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Jes Wilkinson

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