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Superannuation and Forensics Lunch and Learn (Dalby) US for The Devil is in the detail. The Risk is in the Writing, a Superannuation and Forensics-themed lunch and learn session, designed exclusively for Lawyers.

The Devil is in the Superannuation detail.

Let us help you navigate the new super rules, providing you with the knowledge you require to address matters arising from the 1 July 2017, Superannuation changes.

  • Changes to the Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) and how this may wreck your clients’ estate plans?
  • What happens if the TBC is breached?
  • What are the Capital Gains Tax relief traps, when complying with reforms?
  • What are the new contribution rules for non-concessional and concessional contributions?
  • Anti Detriment Deductions - not quite dead yet.

The risk is in the Forensic detail.
Just because you have expert advice, does not mean you can always use it. It is critical that Lawyers have a basic understanding of the issues being examined, the importance of what is admissible evidence and how the advice of the expert will assist them in their endeavours. Leveraging off the presenters audit and forensic accounting background, this session will address practical topics and provide you with an in-depth presentation with ‘real’ case studies to help you get more from your "experts”.

  • Tips to avoid wasting time and money on inadmissible expert reports.
  • Due diligence reports - maximising the value and minimising potential risks.
  • Fraud insights - issues impacting not only your clients but also your practice.

Location: Commercial Hotel Dalby, 124 Cunningham Street, Dalby
Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Date: 3 May 2018
3 May Book Now

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