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Whether you are about to retire or already retired, you will need to be financially organised to make your life as stress free as possible. This will allow you to achieve all of the lifestyle objectives that you will now have the time to enjoy.

We use our retirement fundamentals to meet your financial objectives. We specialise in providing strategy based solutions to our clients and illustrating life long cash flows. Once we present our Statement of Advice, you will know exactly where you are financially, whether your objectives can be met, and importantly how long your money will last. Our Retiree services are designed for clients within 5 years of retirement or already retired.

Strategy underpins everything we do and is matched to your overall retirement objectives.  We have three key retirement fundamental principles that will guide how we manage your retirement:

1. Strategy
  • Three to Five years income is to be held in low risk capital stable investments
  • Immediate Cash reserves are to be maintained
  • Big picture strategy is undertaken across legislation
2. Asset Allocation is a function of your attitude to risk and your retirement objectives and is more important that investment selection.

3. Investment selection is completed in accordance with the Strategy and Asset Allocation
  • Portfolios are long term with a buy and hold strategy (sell recommendations are made if the investment is no longer performing in line with expectations)
  • We take profits from equities and property when markets are out performing
  • We hold or invest further when markets are underperforming
  • Investment selection is based on a proven record of generating returns and good research ratings.

Pre Retirement

Clients within 5 years of retirement need to start seriously considering what their retirement will look like.  We prefer to start working with you well before retirement so that the eventual transition will be as smooth and stress free as possible.


You’ve spent years accumulating your wealth, now its time to enjoy it!  Retiree clients usually have some common stresses:
  • What happens when you don’t have a pay cheque or regular income anymore?

Individual Retiree Hub

  • How do you protect your capital so that if the market corrects you don’t suffer huge capital losses from which it will be difficult to recover?
Over the last few years it has been common for me to meet a prospective client who is very distressed at the portfolio losses they have suffered – often 30% - 50% of their capital has disappeared.  Sadly it will be almost impossible to recover from these losses.  Our retiree clients typically suffered losses of around 10% - 15% of their portfolio values and their portfolios have already recovered to pre GFC levels in most cases.  They have also had peace of mind in knowing that they could largely forget about equity markets because their income was going to continue regardless.  

So what’s the secret?

It’s simple! We structure your retirement portfolios so that you are not eating your capital. That is regular withdrawals or pensions payments are taken from cash or cash like investments, and not from investments exposed to equity markets.  This is where having the correct asset allocation is extremely important!  If you would like to hear more about how we can protect your portfolio from suffering irretrievable losses – make an appointment now!

Will your investment portfolio last as long as you do?

It depends. We will need to discuss your income requirements and then carefully match this to your risk profile to develop an asset allocation that will provide long term capital growth.  We will then produce cash flow and asset projections to show you a realistic picture of how long your money will last.  We plan to try and have you capital last to your age 100, however sometimes this is not possible due to insufficient starting capital or high retirement income requirements.  In this case we will show you when you money is likely to run out and discuss the options.
 Life Expectancy Table

How much is enough?

To answer this questions, we would usually start with your expected retirement income objectives.  What are you going to need to live on?  You may need to complete a Budget and carefully consider what expenses will stay the same, what will increase, what will decrease?  You also need to take into consideration the type of retirement you’re planning.

  • Are you planning on taking overseas trips every year?
  • Or will you caravan around Australia?
Once you have assessed what retirement income you require we can calculate what lump sum you will need. Alternatively we can calculate how long your current funds will last.

An example:

To retire at age 60, live on $100,000 pa indexed with CPI and run out offunds at age 100 you would need $2,750,000.
Please note: these calculations have been based on the following assumptions:
  • Based on 5% pa return
  • 3% CPI
  • This is based on the assumption that funds not held in superannuation.

Note: These calculations don't take into account if the funds are super – i.e minimum drawdown of above balance would be $110,000 – which is higher than requested income.

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