Wealth Protection

Protection of your ability to continue to accumulate wealth, and to protect the wealth you have already accumulated, is key.

Ulton Wealth Management is an accredited Risk Advisor – this means we are able to match our clients’ occupation and medical needs to the best available policy.

It stands to reason that a Medical Professional has different risks to a Farmer, and a small business owner in the retail industry has different risks to one in manufacturing. Different Life Insurance companies will offer better policies than others – our job is to match the specific risks of your occupation and industry to the insurer who can give you the best coverage.

Unfortunately by the time most people are over the age of 30, many have suffered some sort of medical issue. We take into account all of your medical issues and carefully match you to the insurer best suited to provide coverage for you. We will also carefully explain loadings and exclusions so that you can make an informed decision about your insurance.
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 your success. your life – it matters at Ulton!
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