Wealth Building Services

Our clients are at many different stages of their wealth building lives. Some are just starting out, others are well on their way, and still others are almost ready for our retiree services.

Whatever stage you are at, strategy underpins everything we do and is matched to your overall wealth building objectives. We have three key fundamental principles that will guide how we manage your wealth building.

1. Strategy

  • Spending less than you earn to create a surplus income available for wealth creation. Check out our Budget Sheet to help you understand your spending better. 
  • Understanding the net income required to meet your objectives and then creating this via your business or personal financial position
  • Maximising superannuation for retirement
  • Maximising non-business and non-super wealth for lifestyle improvement, children’s education and retirement gap funding
  • Immediate cash reserves are to be maintained
  • Big picture strategy is undertaken across legislation.

2. Asset allocation

Is a function of your attitude to risk, your objectives and your ability to generate a surplus, and is more important than investment selection. Click here to see our the long-term returns/risk-reward diagram.

3. Investment selection 

Is completed in accordance with the strategy and asset allocation (only after they have been set first)
  • Portfolios are long term with a buy and hold strategy (sell recommendations are made if the investment is no longer performing in line with expectations)
  • We take profits from equities and property when markets are out performing
  • We invest further when markets are underperforming (dollar cost averaging is an important part of our strategy). Click here to find out more about Dollar Cost Averaging by reading this case study.
  • Investment selection is based on a proven record of generating returns and good research ratings.

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