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Why Ultimate Super?

Ulton has been providing Superannuation administration and audit services to our clients for more than 20 years. With our proven track record of achieving outstanding results, we stand behind the services we provide.

Ultimate Super can provide you a customised service to streamline your Funds' administration services from monthly to annual accounts, tax returns, audit and setup through to wind up.

The Ultimate Super service is designed to help you ensure that your Fund is administered to a high level—meeting the constantly changing and complex regulatory requirements whilst maximising the opportunities available to build your wealth.

Our aim is to help you optimise your Superannuation.

Preparation of Financial Statements and Associated Reports

Our Superannuation Administration Team prepares your Financial Statements and Reports annually with all associated documentation in preparation for the Fund’s Auditor.  

We offer a fully comprehensive strategic and investment service to trustees of Self Managed Super Funds.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  • income tax return
  • trustee resolutions
  • member statements
  • investment reports and market value
  • preparation and lodgement of business activity

Monthly/Quarterly Accounts Preparation

Have your accounts prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis at no additional cost to your Fund. In administrating your Fund on a monthly/quarterly basis, we at Ulton are able to monitor the compliance aspects of the transactions during the year (such as ensuring you are within your contribution cap limits; that the Fund has only made payments that belong to the Fund; that all rental income has been received in accordance with lease agreements; and so on). At the end of each reporting period we will provide you with a list of potential issues to correct as soon as possible before the Fund goes to audit.


In the event that your Superannuation Fund has a corporate trustee, there are additional documents that need to be lodged with ASIC on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act. Ulton will attend to the preparation and lodgement of these documents on your behalf and maintain the Companies Records.

Business Activity Statements and Installment Activity Statements

The preparation of the monthly and/or quarterly activity statements can be prepared by Ulton…..
  • Annual Tax Return
  • Pensions
Attending to the transactions of Pension Payments including accounting for Asset Segregation.

If the Fund is paying an Account Based Pension and has an accumulation account, an Actuary Certificate will be required. While preparing the end of year Financial Statements, our administration team will apply for the actuary certificate directly. The cost of this is imbedded into the fee of your fund for the year.

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