Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Self Managed Superannuation Fund’s (SMSF) allow you to have flexibility and control over your superannuation investments for your retirement. The members of an SMSF are trustees for the fund, which allows them to have control of their contributions and payment benefits. Thus ensuring their interests as members are being protected. SMSF’s generally have lower fees than those of industry and retail super funds, which can also lead to; on average, better performance outcomes.

The area of SMSFs is growing rapidly, with more and more people and in particular, business professionals, choosing SMSF’s as their retirement vehicle of choice. Legislation and regulations that govern SMSF’s is becoming more complex, requiring people to seek advice from SMSF specialist advisors.

Ulton’s experience and expertise in the field of SMSFs is highlighted by the volume of SMSFs we manage, with over 300 SMSFs currently being administered by Ulton’s superannuation team. Ulton’s dedicated team of professionals, solely specialise in SMSF administration. This specialisation ensures that you are receiving the finest SMSF related advice, to ensure a wealthy retirement – your way!

Ultimate Super benefits to you

Convenience – we are able to offer a comprehensive service under one umbrella to you—administration, audit, financial planning and stockbroking, which means you do not have the hassle of running around to several other firms or agents. We can provide you with convenience, which in today's society is a huge benefit.

Tailored solutions at competitive prices – It is our extensive experience and expertise that gives us the ability to offer you tailored solutions at a competitive price.

Flexibility – we can process super funds quarterly or monthly rather than annually at no extra cost.

Reassurance – with Ultimate Super you can be assured that you are receiving the very best administration of your superannuation fund in the industry.

Timeliness – monthly or quarterly reports allow timely information to be made available in order to make more effective strategic investment decisions to build wealth.

Online electronic systems – access to online service with more timely and up-to-date information, with only a 20-minute delay in accessing your portfolio for listed securities.

Specialist SMSF services are available from Ulton by contacting Kylie Wright who is an SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM
If you want to see if an Self Managed Super Fund is right for you or you have questions about your SMSF, speak to Ulton's expert SMSF team. Call us on (07) 4154 0425 or email us.

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