Migration Advisory Services

Australia is a highly desirable destination for those seeking who are looking to migrate. 

However, the Turnbull government’s 2017-18 abolition of 457 visas, and its replacement with a new category of temporary visas, will impose tighter conditions, reduce the number of qualifying occupations, and necessitating a much longer waiting period before permanent residency might be granted.

This being the case, it is paramount that you access first-class legal and financial advice. Not doing so could delay your migration by several years – or even compromise it altogether. Additionally, the financial decisions you make before, during and post your migration will have a life-long impact.


Many prospective migrants to Australia have accumulated significant wealth, are well educated, and have strong income earning potential. The decisions you make before, during and after leaving your home country can therefore have far-reaching consequences.


From a financial perspective, to change your residency status, what tests must you satisfy? And what are the tax obligations of becoming an Australian resident?

Sale of Assets

Emigration-related selling of property is increasing in some markets.What are the implications of selling property, including your principle place of residence, before migrating to Australia?

Income-Producing Assets

What financial implications will you incur by having income-producing assets in your home country?

Asset Retention

What are the implications of retaining assets in your home land? 

Wealth Migration

How do you go about transitioning wealth to Australia?

Estate Taxes

What estate taxes apply in Australia?


Although the majority of migrants to Australia are satisfied to have left their country, a certain percentage will always be dissatisfied with their decision. Subsequently, it would be remiss not to consider your resettlement options should you want to return.


Ulton has rich experience assisting migrants to move to and settle in Australia. We can advise you on the common and complex financial aspects of migration, including


  • Tax residency issues, income tax and the financial implications of a double tax system
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Estate and death duties
  • Asset protection
  • Foreign source income
  • Residency for tax purposes
  • Migration of wealth
  • Business advice, including identification, valuation and structuring.
First and foremost, we will take the time to understand your current financial position, and the outcomes you wish to achieve with your accumulated wealth. Only then will we advise you on your options, and the sequence of decisions and steps you need to take in order to achieve a seamless and hassle-free relocation to the ‘lucky country’.


Along the way, we will help you to coordinate and manage your overseas and Australian financial affairs so that once here you can achieve the lifestyle you desire.

We understand how important it is for immigrants to quickly build a trusted network. Ulton is exceptionally well connected and can refer you to respected and reputable experts in banking, law, insurance, property and broking professionals. As active members of the most important industry and business associations in our sector, we can also direct you to a wealth of information and resources which may be useful as you establish a new business or continue your career in Australia.

For exceptional migration advisory services, contact Ulton.

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