Business Advisory

Ulton's business advisory team helps SMEs to build profitable, sustainable businesses.

In all likelihood, you started or took over your business for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To control your own destiny
  • To do what you are interested in and exploit your special skills
  • To choose the people you work with
  • To be creative and express your entrepreneurial spirit
  • To make more money
  • To have a better work/life balance
  • To have an asset to sell at the end of your career
  • To build a family business for current and future generations

If your results at the moment are falling short of the mark in some areas, don't feel bad, you are not alone. The key is being honest with yourself, seeking out the reasons for not measuring up and putting in place actions to get to where you want to be.

We understand that you went into business to exploit the special skills that you have. The reason that we went into the business advisory area, it is because we believe that we have experienced advisors with specialist skills that can help you identify the barriers to your success and help you implement actions to get to your goals.

Business Advisory Services

Our expertise includes:

Setup of Business Systems

We review the business and document flows before commencement of trading and setup the accounting systems. This is to ensure quality information about the performance of the business can be measured from day one and that your administration staff are adequately trained.

Systems Review

Similar to above except performed on a business that is already trading. This process usually involves an analysis of where data or reporting may be duplicated and developing systems to remove the duplication and free up time.

Business Health Check

A series of questions that need to be answered by business owners to identify where the barriers to success are and how they are going to be overcome.

Financial Management (External CFO Services)

This is a series of services that usually involve:
  • the creation of a financial model, budget and rolling forecast for your business
  • development of end of period reconciliation checklists and training of your staff to ensure financial information is accurate
  • preparation of regular management accounts
  • presentation of information at regular board meetings with the business owners.

It is a service that delivers information similar to what large corporations receive from their internally employed CFO's at a fraction of the price.

Business Benchmarking

We can provide benchmark reports and business outlook reports for many different industries from specialist research agencies that we have affiliations with. We can have meetings with you to discuss how your business compares and what strategies you may want to employ for any notable variations that are discovered. Send us your ANSIC code (you will find this on your income tax return) for a free report or industry outlook for the industry that your business operates in.

Funding Assistance

We have business relationships with government agencies and can help you to identify when there may be government grants available to assist you in certain areas of your business. In some instances we are also able to implement strategies with you as part of these programs.

Business Value Gap Analysis

We look at the current profitability of your business and see if its current sale value will provide you with sufficient capital funds for your lifestyle requirements in retirement. This exercise can sometimes lead to business benchmarking, financial management and use of our financial planning division services.

Tangible Benefits

Your business will have direct access to our highly credentialed and experienced business advisory team. In practical terms, the benefits you could expect include:

  • Maximise profitability 
  • Become financially well organised
  • Make your business financially stronger in competitive markets
  • Develop business growth strategies to outperform competitors
  • Easier to value and justify a higher sales price for the business
  • Provide you with an external interface for Family Business issues
  • Improved discipline to focus on key financial results on a regular basis

To find out if any of these services may be of benefit to you, contact us on (07) 4154 0400.

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