Manufacturing and Engineering

Ulton has extensive experience working with manufacturing and engineering sector and understands the key financial issues that are faced when measuring the performance of businesses in this industry.

Specific sectors within this broad category that we currently work with include Metal Fabrication, Rollforming, Stock Feed, Polymer Product and Avionics Component Manufacture.

We have worked with these clients to:

  • Get the ownership and operating structure right so that assets are protected, tax is minimised and growth and succession issues can be easily and effectively managed.
  • Develop long term funding plan in order to achieve an eventual exit strategy.
  • Develop annual operational forecasts that enable long term funding plan to be achieved.
  • Review the accuracy of financial system information produced by the business and implement improvements where necessary.
  • Develop financial forecasts and models for inclusion in public information memorandums to obtain private equity for financing business acquisition and growth.
  • Produce a meaningful set of management reports for decision making.
  • Understand the true performance of the business and how this impacts on sustainability, lifestyle and exit strategies.

Our particular area of expertise is helping clients in this industry get better management information from their information system. Because these businesses convert raw materials using direct labour and machinery, it is important that the systems provide you with efficiency measures and that it also matches costs with income when items are sold, not when products are produced. All too often we see big losses in some months followed by big profits in others because the systems are not accurately accumulating costs until the finished goods are sold.

By controlling and improving information systems, we have helped clients in this industry to remain sustainable and profitable even though there is significant pressure on the Australian manufacturing industry in today's economic environment.

Read what one of our manufacturing clients has to say about Ulton.

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