Being part of a local community we understand that governments have a role to play in the growth, development and ongoing sustainability of the region. We offer a range of services to assist in the success and improvement of government agencies including corporate governance, grant acquittal and internal audit assurance work.

By being able to offer high level services at a local level we have been able to help our clients deliver the service and reporting they require without the need to blow the budget by using more expensive metropolitan providers. Our clients tell us that because we are local we can deliver better value for money whilst also employing their resources locally, sustaining the local region.

We have worked closely with Natural Resources, Health Agencies and various Indigenous organisations. We are also currently tenured as the internal auditor for the Bundaberg Regional Council which requires us to present to the audit sub-committee on a number of occasions throughout each year.

Want Ulton to work with your Government agency? We would be happy to help. Give us a call on (07) 4154 0400 or email us.

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