Community and Not-for-Profit

Not for profit and community organisations are unique in their entity set up. Due to the ‘not for profit’ or ‘low profit’ nature of their business, it is important to stay true to their community commitment whilst ensuring they remain financially viable and operationally efficient.

These organisations are also unique in that they may be entitled to a number of special tax concessions, for both the organisations and its employees.

We can review your business to help you get all the tax exemptions your business is legally entitled too as well as help you with business issues such as salary packaging, asset management and auditing requirements. We can provide feedback on your systems and controls to ensure your business remains sustainable and continues to grow and service the community it aids.

To ensure you’re not-for-profit or community organisation continues to provide its valuable services to the community, engage Ulton as your business partner. Call us today to speak to us about how we can help you. Call (07) 4154 0400 or email us directly.

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