The beef cattle industry is one of Australia's major agricultural industries and is a vital aspect of the Australian export industry. To be successful in rural ventures, property owners and managers must have a sound understanding of their businesses financial position as well as an appreciation of acceptable risk. Graziers must understand the business financial performance indicators, in order to ensure their business is running efficiently and profitably. Ulton's has regularly assisted cattle graziers with taxation, capital gains, cash flow, structure and succession planning issues (whether it be a multi-generational change or sale of business) which are specific to the industry.
Our cattle grazing clients range from one property operations to multi-property operations with herds in excess of 16,000 head. We have developed customized cash flow budgets for these businesses which consider the daily weight gains and projected sale weights of the herd to determine the sale/purchase program. By understanding the inflows and outflows of capital from their businesses they are able to make informed decisions on financing requirements and capital expenditure programs.
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