Learning and Development

Our firm fosters a culture of learning and development. Continuous improvement serves many purposes, not the least being that it ensures our technical skills remain both relevant and current.

Our commitment to learning and development also allows us to:

  • keep abreast of our sector and the industries across which we have strength and expertise
  • stay up-to-date with changes and best practice in management, leadership, technology, business and our legal and regulatory environments.

A large proportion of our professionals possess multiple, advanced and specialist qualifications. So, too, is there at all times a number of staff members enrolled in part-time and distance education.

Learning and development goals are incorporated into our performance plans, and are both an expectation and cornerstone of our path to promotion.

As such, we expose staff to a robust learning and development curriculum.

Our curriculum covers technical subject matter, technology, internal systems and processes, management and leadership modules, soft skills, client service, and government-mandated topics to overcome the likes of discrimination and bullying and harassment.

Our internal training program incorporates face-to-face sessions, online modules, self-directed learning, and on-the-job training.

Leaders in Accounting

Chartered accountants are university graduates who, after completing their degree, are required to pass an extensive postgraduate program (the CA Program) and also complete a three-year period of approved practical experience, mentored by a Chartered Accountant. To then retain their Chartered Accountant designation, members must complete Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of 120 hours in a triennium.

According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand:

CAs are precise and insightful thinkers with a reputation for ethics and high standards. They are technical experts who can apply their intelligence in every aspect of business without fear or favour. They have strong networks and are future driven – making them some of the best-qualified and passionate business professionals around...No one is better qualified to lead your business in the right direction than a Chartered Accountant.

Many of our partners and staff are Chartered Accountants (CAs), upholding the reputation and brilliance of a highly-skilled profession. We encourage our staff to complete the CA program to ensure we remain competitive, cutting-edge leaders in chartered accounting, business advisory and financial planning services.
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