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Aug 21, 2018 | Posted in Wealth Management
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When you partner with us, we want to ensure that we protect you and your family from catastrophe.

Over the past 12 months, we have had four clients need to make a claim on their insurance due to medical catastrophe.  We have achieved a payment from the insurer in all cases, which has provided financial security and peace of mind at a time when lives have been thrown into chaos.

All four of the clients were business owners so a medical catastrophe for them was also a potential catastrophe for their employees and family.

Susan’s Story

Susan* ran the office of her own business in the Construction Industry and was diagnosed with Cancer.  At a time when it was really needed we completed the Trauma claim and had it paid from the Insurer within 2 weeks.  This allowed Susan to concentrate on her recovery rather than being financially stressed.

Joe’s Story

Joe* had a serious farming accident on his rural property which resulted in months of treatment, away from home in Brisbane.  Joe’s wife Eileen* also stayed in Brisbane for around 3 months to support Joe through this traumatic time.  For our regional and rural clients, being treated in Brisbane is a double financial blow as all income for the family ceases.   We claimed an Accidental Injury benefit and the insurer paid within 5 weeks, providing peace of mind and a financial breather while Joe recovered in Brisbane.

Larry’s Story

Larry* was running his own business in regional QLD, when diagnosed with a very serious Cancer and we were able to claim and have the payment successfully made from the insurer within one month.  This has allowed the client to successfully hand over his business to his son and provide him with peace of mind in knowing that his financial position is secure.

Brett’s Story

Brett* was running a business which required some manual work from him, employing 5 employees with a young family and mortgage.  He suffered a serious disability where we claimed on his Income Protection policy and Total and Permanent Disability insurance.  The monthly Income Protection benefit started being paid within a month of claim and will continue through until age 65.  The Total and Permanent Disability claim took longer as it was of a complex nature, but was paid within 5 months.  Brett now has financial security for him and his young family and the insurance has allowed him an orderly progression out of his business (rather than being forced into a fire sale).

Providing Peace of Mind

When a person is diagnosed with a serious illness or has a terrible accident they go through a process of denial, anger, fear, grief. Our job is to provide hope in terrible circumstances and to assist in removing a financial burden so that our clients can move on to a re-evaluation of their life, roles and goals and then hopefully find acceptance.

In all these cases (and many others over the years) Ulton have provided financial protection to our clients which has resulted in peace of mind.

Our Wealth Management team ensure all our clients have an acceptable level of protection, to provide some assurance of normality when life gets turned upside down. Chat to our team about protecting you and your family today.

*Not their real names, but real case studies




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