The Bundaberg Ulton Mud Army - 2013 Floods

The Bundaberg Ulton team are out and about in the Bundaberg community, doing what we can to help other businesses and individuals start their clean up. What we have seen is absolute devastation.  So the Bundaberg Ulton Mud Army have grabbed their buckets and mops and headed out to lend a hand. Below are some photos.
Ulton on Tuesday 29th January 2013
Measuring the water at the Ulton front entrance.
The water in front reception.
Looking out onto the street
Did someone say security? The Ulton boys on guard!
The Army is in town... Just cruising up Woondooma Street!
The stairwell. 
Panoramic view of the drive way to the back of Ulton.
The Ulton Mud Army - shovelling mud from the pavement.