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Get-Set: an exciting career awaits.

The CQUniversity ‘Get SET’ program aims at preparing high school students for the world of work and tertiary study in partnership with local businesses. The ‘Get SET’ program has a two-fold objective:

  1. to align students with an employer and a university degree before the student leaves school
  2. to encourage students to stay within the Wide Bay region. 
Seeing the numerous positive benefits this initiative offers high school leavers, the community and businesses, Ulton jumped at the opportunity to be a 'Get SET' employer.
During her final year at highschool, student and 'Get SET' participant Lisa Dinsey completed work experience at Ulton's Bundaberg office.  The 'Get SET' work experience program was structured in a way to give Lisa a 'taste' of the different specialisations offered within the company.  As a result, Lisa developed a strong interest in the superannuation field and was offered a full time Trainee Accountant position with the firm which Lisa commenced after graduating highschool.  Lisa is now a permanent full time member of our superannuation team and studies a bachelor of accounting part time through CQUniversity.


Ulton’s Trainee Accountant Program is unique as it is individualised and tailored directly to the needs of the Trainee Accountant. All Trainee Accountants are mentored closely by either their manager or another senior colleague and provided daily guidance.  In addition, Trainee Accountants participate in the same weekly internal and external on-the-job training courses as their qualified colleagues, and also are provided with more tailored courses from time to time. 

Ulton provides Trainee Accountants with educational benefits in the form of paid leave to attend exams and to study.


Similarly to Ulton’s Trainee Accountant Program, team members embarking on their Certified Accounting qualification and/or Diploma of Financial Planning are mentored closely by an appropriately qualified team member. Various Partners, Team Members and external experts are involved in facilitating weekly on-the-job training courses to benefit team members studying their CA and CPA qualification.

Ulton provides post graduate students flexible paid study and exam leave as well as financial support.



Ulton’s team members responsible for providing support services play an extremely fundamental role in the functioning of Ulton’s different teams. Our enthusiastic and efficient support team members are encouraged to grow and develop just like their professional colleagues.

Support team members are provided tailored on-the-job internal training on a continual basis often facilitated by highly skilled, senior support team members. Facilitation by external experts is also used from time to time.

Testimonial from Sehra Swann

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